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A Fantasy Sports Stock Market

Taking fantasy sports to another level - AthleteXchange offers the same excitement of owning your favorite players and teams and traditional fantasy offerings, but adds the dimension of a dynamic market where traders just like you buy and sell shares of players and teams. You can even redeem your earnings for great prizes, such as gift cards, gaming systems, and TVs. Over $118,000 in prizes have already been redeemed by AthleteXchange traders!

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How Does it Work?

You start out with $50,000. Players and teams "earn" like real stocks based on how they perform in each game. The market prices the stocks at a level believed to be a projection of future earnings - just like the stocks of your favorite real-world companies. After each season, stocks are delisted and are re-IPOed the following season.

With trading available in MLB Baseball, NFL and NCAA College Football, NBA and NCAA College Basketball, and NHL Hockey, there is at least one sport active all year long.

You make money by buying or shorting player or team stocks and then selling or covering after the price has moved. Each transaction by a trader effects the price. You can choose to hold that breakout rookie for the whole season and reap the benefits of tripling your investment over several months or you may rather quickly buy and sell (daytrade) that running back that just scored the winning touchdown. However you choose to trade, there is fun waiting for you.

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Our forums are full of some of the most knowledgable and entertaining people you will find. Whether you want to talk about a game in progress, earnings projections, or what you had for lunch - there is a place for you in the forums.

See our top trader list here.

Special contests that reward $ for your portfolio are also available as an additional way to show off your sports knowledge.

How does the scoring work ?
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